Hey there!

kelly and aj at the rapids game

I’m Kelly, a web developer by day, an aspiring cook/baker/blogger/writer by early evening, asleep by 8, and a mama by always. I grew up in the kitchen… on a stool at the breakfast bar to be exact. From there I could watch sports with my daddy, supervise my mom’s cooking, all while getting my homework done. I grew up with home-cooked meals almost every single night and definitely never realized how lucky I was.

Fast forward a couple of years and overnight I became a foster mom to a rambunctious five year old boy. Deciding cereal for dinner everyday wasn’t a great way to feed my son, we became a fast food family. And let me tell you there is NOTHING wrong with that. As a stressed teacher and new mom it was the best way for me to get food into our bellies. Home cooked family dinners are great – happy and unstressed less stressed parents are better.

An adoption and a few years later we moved back to Colorado to be closer to my parents. I left teaching and got a job as a web developer – giving me more emotional energy for my now 10 year old. I have found myself in a season of life that has me gravitating towards the kitchen, taking family friendly, simple (and forgiving) recipes and making them my own.

This blog is a place to record my experiments, and all the family recipes that live in scraps of paper around my parents’ kitchen or more frequently in my mom’s head. The kitchen has always been about family to me. I want to take advantage of this time near my parents, spend time side by side with my mom in the kitchen. Have a routine where my son knows he can perch up on the breakfast bar while I cook, a comfort I treasured as a child.

And perhaps more importantly we have BOTH reached our fast food limit.

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home and all matters of the home find their way to the kitchen. So while this will mostly be a food blog – I’m sure it will also be about life and family.

Welcome to our virtual kitchen. We are so glad you’re here.